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Lighting and effects can make all the difference in setting the perfect atmosphere for your big celebration. We have all the options you need to take your wedding or event to the next level. Our wireless and fully controllable intelligent color-changing uplighting is sure to add the extra touch. Focus light on special moments such as the grand entrance, cake cutting, special guest speaker – any moment you want to highlight!

During our reception we had his uplighting for the venue that truly transformed our room.” – Enriquez J.
Lighting & Effects

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Custom Monograms



Entertainment Experiences For Any Event

Not only were we provided with the music we wanted, but with a complete lighting set up, full emcee services, organizational planning and rehearsal, even some extra personalized features.” – Marisa C.
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Want to see why couples and customers choose us? From our attention to detail, to how we bring your vision to life, read below for more ideas. Then to begin your amazing entertainment experience, give us a call, email, or fill out our contact form.

Attention To Detail

From the beginning of the planning stages to coordination on the day of your event, we’re all about the details and making your event successful.

Event Professionals

We’re the calm, supportive presence that keeps your event on track, provides your favorite music with our amazing sound system – and puts a smile on your face!

Stress Free

Honest advice and recommendations will make you feel at ease, knowing your desires are respected and followed.

Create Your Dream

Make your vision a reality with customized intelligent uplighting, custom monograms, screens, projections, and video services.

Experts at Planning!

We’ll take the planning weight off your shoulders. We admit we’re a little OCD. And that’s a good thing! We’re proactive and like to anticipate the unforeseen.


We have DJs and MCs fluent in English/Spanish that understand your culture and are experts in blending music seamlessly.

Earning Trust In The Industry

Venues That Recommend Us

Not only do couples and customers like you love us, so do some of the leading venues in the area. They recommend their customers to us. Let us show you why!

Sheraton Uptown

Nature Pointe

Marriot Pyramid North

La Posada De Santa Fe

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To learn more about how we can guarantee a successfully well-planned wedding or special event and take away all your stress, give us a call, email, or fill out our contact form. We do an initial meeting to show you how we can make your wedding or event a success. Along with how much effort and detail we will put into your celebration and how we will make it great. Then size up your needs and what package works best for you.